The Stylish Amalfi Coast!

Being able to tell all who will listen, “I’m headed to the Amalfi Coast” will give you the feeling you’re most definitely holidaying in style!

The gorgeous scenery of the Amalfi Coast, with its vividly-coloured towns and villages almost chiselled into the rocky coastline, is certainly a sight to behold.

One of the first places for your Amalfi bucket list is Positano, which given the landscape, we think translates to “made of stairs” (not fact checked!) Built into a steep hill are brightly painted houses, exclusive restaurants, famous hotels and shopping boutiques that cascade all the way down to the coastline, the town is connected by a series of intricate staircases that will provide hours of lazy, sun drenched exploration. Prices in Positano are a little higher than elsewhere on the Coast but it remains popular as it’s such a picturesque, unique town.

If a less crowded, less expensive Amalfi town is appealing, try Ravello. It’s got a far more traditional Italian feel, and has fantastic panoramic views of the entire coast.  It is situated up high, but once you are up there, there aren’t so many staircases as Positano! You will be away from the tourist hustle and bustle of the Amalfi coast but getting down to the beach for a swim and a little sunbaking will obviously take more time.

Accommodation options on the Amalfi Coast really spoil you for choice. If you’re after some peace and quiet, a massage followed by a long Italian lunch and a bit of rest and relaxation, then check yourself into the beautifully romantic villas side-by-side with luxurious hotels boasting exclusive beach clubs. Given the surrounds, you can’t really go wrong with picking a hotel that doesn’t boast a phenomenal view. It all comes down to budget to just how stylish you want your holiday to be! If you’re taking the kids, book one of the many villas where you can unpack the suitcases and spread out, you will feel like you’re at home for the week.  Let the kids can run around all day whilst you soak up the sun reading your favourite book!

Time for lunch? The Amalfi Coast has its own distinct culinary flavour, with Italian and French influences.  Renowned restaurants aside, you must get to ‘Da Adolfo Restaurant’ in Positano. It is a quick-style restaurant on a little beach where pirates used to build their ships. What makes it cool is that it is only accessible by ferry – it’s not overly exclusive and certainly not expensive – that’s just the only way to get there! There is a free ferry that runs to the restaurant, make sure you check for an updated timetable. The owner’s story is a beautiful love-tale and they will welcome you, and serve traditional fare of fresh grilled fish, grilled mozzarella on lemon leaf, mussel soup and local wine.  It’s a beautiful, unique experience with locals who love their home.

The Amalfi Coast is so layered and there’s so much to enjoy and discover! You can relax all day on the gorgeous beaches or put your walking shoes on and walk the coastline, take ferry tours to see the coast from a different vantage or simply eat and shop your way through each of the gorgeous towns.  However you see the Amalfi, be sure to do it in style!