London… any time of year!

Whether you fancy wandering winter wonderlands or summer strolls by waterways under the European sun, the question is not what time of year to see London, it’s how long to stay!

Summer or Spring meandering along the River Thames can be so quiet and peaceful considering what a bustling monolith is the city of London. There are a number of signposted walks, all capturing London’s bridges, architectural wonders, street performers and markets. Time is punctuated only by the immediately recognisable chime of Big Ben reverberating through the city.

Riding atop the famous red double decker hop on-off buses is a perfect way to see the city’s major attractions this time of year.  The excitement at seeing Buckingham Palace straight ahead, or rounding a corner and suddenly facing one of the famous Trafalgar Square guard lion statues will keep adrenalin pumping all day. Pack a picnic and join the locals in dining on the ‘Commons’ scattered throughout the city.  Hampstead Heath is only a few kilometres from Trafalgar Square & Covent Garden, with magnificent views of the London skyline. It is a sight to behold of business men and women stripping off their corporate attire and sunbaking to catch all the Vitamin D they can during lunch breaks!

Autumn and Winter will be a completely different London experience! This time of year due to chilly winds you will probably prefer to hail a famous black cab or use an Oyster card to ride the tube – Mind The Gap!  The enclosed double-decker public transport buses are another option. Scoring the very front seats on the bus top level is a fun way to see the city, and stay warm!

The gorgeous autumnal colours of Hyde Park should tempt you for a brisk walk to work up an appetite, because the charming centuries old English pubs with roaring fireplaces and hearty fare will be a lure this time of year! They’re often poked underneath railway bridges or down a ‘Jack The Ripper’esque laneways, so keep your eyes peeled, or ask at one of the many local corner shops. Publicans are very proud of their establishments in London, and always keen for a chat over the counter.

The London bucketlist goes on… West End Theatre production, Camden Markets, The London Eye, Churchill War Rooms, Tower of London, The Shard, Kensington Palace… all the major attractions have accessibility options, security, places to eat and serviced facilities. The city is built for cold; public transport and buildings are all centrally heated… be thankful we’re living in a modern age!

London really is amazing any time of year.