Unbeatable airfare sale to New Caledonia!!

New Caledonia Airfare Sale

White sandy beaches and French cheese, did I hear you say oui?  Only a short 2-hour flight from Brisbane, and less than 4 hours from Melbourne, you will have arrived in New Caledonia! Merci!!

A lot of people ask me about New Caledonia and those who know it, have only heard of the capital city Noumea, there is so much more to New Caledonia than Noumea, it’s one of those undiscovered gems.  When you land, you will be greeted by a mix of gorgeous Polynesians along with the lovely French, how spectacular, a little bit of France in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!

This is the kind of tropical holiday where you can pull out the picnic rug and sit down to a yummy French baguette, French wine and French cheese or perhaps pop on your swimsuit and go snorkelling in the clear blue sea, this is New Caledonia!

You can come as a couple or even turn this into a family holiday. One of my favourite activities to do was snorkelling the gorgeous reefs, they have the largest lagoon in the world which is filled with colourful fish and coral, how cool!  You will also be exposed to the unique combination of French and Melanesian food and hospitality giving an appreciation for other cultures from around the world.

When I holiday, I love to relax on white sandy beaches and swim in warm turquoise water, you can do this in Noumea whilst soaking up the shops, restaurants and night life as well as go off and explore the rest of the island to put a bit of adventure into your holiday.

If you’d like to get away from the ‘city’ life then you can take a short boat across to one of the neighbouring islands where you can snorkel along the coral reef, sit back and indulge in fresh seafood for lunch or relax by the pool and read your favourite book.

Tell me, what activities do you like to do when you’re on holidays?  I’d love to hear more and share more of my holiday tips with you!

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